Sunday, June 26, 2016


I had no idea.....

The man is definitely creative and not limited to one genre/medium of artistic expression.

July POP

Greyhound by Jared Needle
 Roxbury Park was crowded and I could not find parking for a couple of blocks, circling; so I went to grab something to eat and then drove home.  There apparently was a dog show going on.

After listening to Joel's voicemail, I decided to go back and try again, arriving about 30 minutes before the end of the meeting (a number of people had already left when I arrived).  When I was there, Joel taught a Tomoko Fuse 3-piece model he learned at OUSA.  Very simple design.

Jared had a couple of designs I hadn't seen before.

Joel handed me a copy of his newly published "Origami Zoo", which I'll be reviewing within the next week.

A few pictures here.

Sunday Funnies


Hat tip:  Mark Saliers, via Origami-L

Belated Thursday Funnies

Somehow I missed publishing this one:  National Paper Airplane Day- a month late:


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Joe Hamamoto Visits Yami Yamauchi

Yami was napping when we arrived last Monday after 12pm.  We only stayed for a short time. 

Sunday Funnies

Letters to Dad


A little boy is missing his father, a soldier overseas. Being a kid, he tries to send his dad letters by throwing them over the fence as a fleet of paper airplanes. A kind next-door neighbor finds these paper airplanes and packages them up in a box to send to the father. When the neighbor receives a delivery of replies from overseas, he sends the paper airplanes back over the fence for the son to read. The Paper and Packaging Board helps make even the distance of oceans seem to disappear.

A delightfully simple ad for the most simple of products, the Paper and Packaging Board's, 'Letters to Dad' is a beautiful reminder of the power of paper.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Photo of the Day: Wyoming Medical Center

From 2013:

Wyoming Medical Center employees walk beneath the 1,001 origami cranes hanging in our South Link Lobby. A Japanese legend says anyone folding 1,000 cranes will be granted a wish. Folding the last one brings good luck.

Patients and families at Wyoming Medical Center have a new view as they walk into the South Link Lobby from the parking garage – 1,001 origami cranes. In line with WMC’s vision, mission and values, we hope the cranes bring visitors positive wishes such as recovery from illness and a long life of happiness.


 As you walk through the hospital’s South Link Lobby, look up and enjoy the beautiful view the cranes bring. The Wyoming Medical Center Foundation would like to thank the Nicolaysen Art Museum for lending us this display.

Sunday Funnies


Hat tip:  Mark Kennedy

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Greatest

My apologies to whoever photoshopped this.  I remember it was posted in an album of famous people and origami.  I would love to give credit to whoever credit is owed to, if someone can help point out the way.

President Obama's cranes

President Obama's 4 cranes are now on display at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum:

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum on Thursday put on display four paper cranes offered by U.S. President Barack Obama during his historic visit to the atomic-bombed city in May.
According to the museum, each of the Obama-handmade cranes is about 7 cm high and about 10 cm wide, and made of pink and blue paper with Japanese-style floral prints.
Obama visited the museum before attending an official service in the Peace Memorial Park on May 27. He gave one crane each to two local schoolchildren who welcomed him at the museum.
He also left another two when he signed the museum’s guest book with a message: “We have known the agony of war. Let us now find the courage, together, to spread peace, and pursue a world without nuclear weapons.”
Visitors have been taking photos of the paper cranes and message, which are on public display inside a glass case until Aug. 31.
Hat tip to Mark Kennedy, who also notes the number "4" is regarded as unlucky in Japanese superstition, due to the pronunciation of "4" also is the word for "death".

Someone advising President Obama missed the boat on that one.