Friday, November 23, 2007

Yami Yamauchi's Origami Panel at PMX 2007

This is the raw video footage from Yami's Panel demonstration at Pacific Asia Media Expo, November 11, 2007. I believe this is our 3rd year at this event. One of these days, I will make videos, covering the other two years. I also have clips of this year's, that I also might piece together.

One befuddled old lady at the Hilton (near LAX, where the event was held, as last year) walked up to our tables and told Joe and I, "You're the only normal ones here".
You get the idea?

And what? Joe, "normal"?

Joe always says he's too shy to give panel discussions and be on-stage (yet he draws the biggest audience around him all day long, entertaining people with his
humor and origami at our booth). So Yami and I always do this. I think we get better, each time.

I wish I had the foresight to have someone video my segment, as that was fun too
. (I seldom hand the camera over to Yami- you know how old people are with high tech stuff? Exactly!). But at least the "master" is preserved on film, in all his humor and glory.

Here are my photos. For those of you into cosplay, you can find more PMX vids at YouTube.

We had the pleasure of Larry Davis' company the final few hours on Sunday.

Happy 71st birthday, by the way, Yami!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Won Park Demonstrations

Apparently, people are having some difficulties in understanding how to fold the fins on Won Park's dollar koi.

I was going to try to upload a video of Won folding his model at OUSA, but it's just so damn long (he's a slow, meticulous folder); and I haven't found the patience to edit and condense it down to something viewable and easily uploadable.

For now, here is Won Park folding the fins to his koi fish:

Won Park Folds The Fins On His Dollar Koi

I apologize for the lack of explanation (remember: I was filming him folding it- not teaching it), any blurry moments, and had no control over his fingers being "in the way". Hopefully, as a supplemental to Marcio's diagrams, it will help.

As a bonus, I found in my files, this clip of Won Park demonstrating his jumping frog:

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nisei Week, Los Angeles, CA

I was not present on either weekend of Nisei Week this year. Management of vendors and artisans had changed hands, and it was a bit chaotic and uncertain; I ended up scheduling myself with other work, abandoning Yami and Joe to handle it. I filmed a few clips of their modest setup on one afternoon that I was able to make it to "J" Town, after work.

You can see photos here.