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Update 3/9/2014 10:38

Caricature by Lar DeSouza
I'm finally updating the welcome post which is only able to sit at the top of this dated blog because it's post-posted 49 years into the future.  The last update was 7 years ago.

When I first began this blog back in late 2004, It was for the purpose of hosting videos documenting the Westcoast Origami Guild- I believe the longest, most established origami folding group in the greater LA area.

Since that time, Have Paper Will Travel has evolved.  It's more an aggregate blog for all sorts of origami and origami-related items floating around out there that I find interesting; and which I may think readers and followers out there might also find of interest.

There is so much content on the internet these days, it's hard to follow it all.  

My sidebar is one of the largest collections of origami-content links in one place.  FYI, it gets updated periodically with new links as I find them.  I should alert readers whenever I add something new, but haven't been (yet).  If you'd like your site or photo album linked and don't see it in the sidebar (check around very carefully and under the proper category), just let me know.  There are sooooo many photo albums out there (it seems almost every folder on the planet has one), I could spend all day collecting up links and still have more to go.

 I'd like to do what I can to expand the audience and draw more attention to noteworthy sites and folders; to bring more exposure to the art and science of paperfolding; and to bring more people into "the fold".

  There are so many great folders out there on the level of well-known luminaries like Satoshi Kamiya, Brian Chan, and Robert Lang.  I think this especially began to happen after Dr. Lang published "Origami Design Secrets", which I've still not taken the time to sit down and study (let alone fold much from). 

Anyway, thanks to everyone who comes by and takes something of usefulness away from here.  Feel free to drop in a comment for any suggestions.  

I realize that those viewing on mobile devices may have a difficult time reading the lighter colored font.  I still do not like the background layout of what blogger did to this blog and may eventually update the layout again when I have the time and energy to research into it.  In the meantime....


Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! (Chinese new year, February 16th, will be 🐕Year of the Dog🐶).
Here’s hoping 2018 won’t be a pooper!

The Pooper
Created by Ronald Koh
Folded by Michael Sanders
20” x 20” Japanese foil paper bonded to cloth-like unryu (for the 💩 texture 😬).

The unryu made the paper a bit too thick (you can tell from the tail) and I ended up ripping the spine of the neck 😕). Not the best shaping job. Oh well. Upward and onward! 🙂

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Yami Passed Away Christmas Evening

July 29, 1936- December 25, 2017

Descanso Garden

Original photo taken by Yami's friend Kazuyoshi ITO

April 6, 2008
Cherry Blossom Festival, Little Tokyo

From Chikako:

Dear Yami's friends,

This is Yami's daughter Chikako writing from Yami's account.

Yoichi "Yami" Yamauchi passed away yesterday. His health had been declining for some time. His body expired and he passed away peacefully yesterday evening. Per Yami's wishes, his body is being cremated and his ashes will be scattered at some point in the future. There will not be a public funeral or service. Condolences can be posted on Facebook. Even though Yami was a public figure, please respect his family's privacy.

Kind regards,
Chikako Yamauchi

may 26, 2007 
Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Artificial Muscle


Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University have developed a variety of origami-inspired artificial muscles that can lift up to a thousand times their own weight — and yet be dexterous enough to grip and raise a delicate flower. 
The devices, described in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, offer a new way to give soft robots super-strength, which could be used everywhere from inside our bodies to outer space.
Hat tip:  Joseph Wu Inc.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Designed by 芦村俊一 Shunichi ASHIMURA
Folded by Michael Sanders 
6.9" x 6.9" Japanese kami

It's popular to bag on BotP as an inferior product to the original Gatch, but...Been browsing through episodes last night and today on YouTube and I must say, even the watered-down, sanitized version is a superior product to so much of what we were used to seeing in the States, as a kid back in the 70s and 80s.
I grew up on mostly BotP; but my mom being Japanese and us spending summer vacations in Japan throughout the 70s and 80s, I was also familiar with the original version of Gatchaman and Fighter. BotP still captured quite a bit of the flavor and has its own charm. (I abhor the other English translation/incarnations of the original- makes me shudder). I love the voice actors. Jason remains my favorite, as I had a bit of the sulking loner in me, if not the hotheadedness of Jason; feeling a bit like the number two man, growing up. I loved his whole look and personality and the storylines that focused on him. Since I wasn't fully fluent in Japanese, and only saw just a handful of episodes during my summer months in Japan, BotP filtered the stories and characters to me much more than Gatchaman did. I definitely knew even as a kid that the version I was watching back in the States was Americanized with animation that was totally different, as well as character additions (7-Zark-7); that the Japanese original was more violent.
I love the original music; but I think the BotP music by Hoyt Curtin is also very good.
When I was in Japan one summer, I wanted the soundtrack really badly and had my mom help me shop for the LP. What we brought home disappointed me at the time because it sounded nothing like what I was expecting; but over time, I really loved it (this was the Symphonic Suite).

I love both Gatchman and BotP. Total childhood nostalgia for me. My friends were always a bit jealous of me because I would come back from Japan with all sorts of cool toys and products while all we could get here were Shogun Warriors, micronauts, BotP lunch pails, BotP boardgame, and not much else.

Condor Joe is my favorite (Jason).  I like Mark.  But it's Joe/Jason, the number two guy, who resonated with me.