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Update 3/9/2014 10:38

Caricature by Lar DeSouza
I'm finally updating the welcome post which is only able to sit at the top of this dated blog because it's post-posted 49 years into the future.  The last update was 7 years ago.

When I first began this blog back in late 2004, It was for the purpose of hosting videos documenting the Westcoast Origami Guild- I believe the longest, most established origami folding group in the greater LA area.

Since that time, Have Paper Will Travel has evolved.  It's more an aggregate blog for all sorts of origami and origami-related items floating around out there that I find interesting; and which I may think readers and followers out there might also find of interest.

There is so much content on the internet these days, it's hard to follow it all.  

My sidebar is one of the largest collections of origami-content links in one place.  FYI, it gets updated periodically with new links as I find them.  I should alert readers whenever I add something new, but haven't been (yet).  If you'd like your site or photo album linked and don't see it in the sidebar (check around very carefully and under the proper category), just let me know.  There are sooooo many photo albums out there (it seems almost every folder on the planet has one), I could spend all day collecting up links and still have more to go.

 I'd like to do what I can to expand the audience and draw more attention to noteworthy sites and folders; to bring more exposure to the art and science of paperfolding; and to bring more people into "the fold".

  There are so many great folders out there on the level of well-known luminaries like Satoshi Kamiya, Brian Chan, and Robert Lang.  I think this especially began to happen after Dr. Lang published "Origami Design Secrets", which I've still not taken the time to sit down and study (let alone fold much from). 

Anyway, thanks to everyone who comes by and takes something of usefulness away from here.  Feel free to drop in a comment for any suggestions.  

I realize that those viewing on mobile devices may have a difficult time reading the lighter colored font.  I still do not like the background layout of what blogger did to this blog and may eventually update the layout again when I have the time and energy to research into it.  In the meantime....


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Robert Lang panel after "Animals out of Paper" play today

Joel Stern said this play is good:

September 15, 2014 to October 5, 2014
Los Angeles, CA USA
Tim Dang, Producing Artistic Director
With generous support provided by the S. Mark Taper Foundation Endowment for East West Players
presents the

Los Angeles premiere of ANIMALS OUT OF PAPER
By Pulitzer Prize Finalist Playwright Rajiv Joseph

Directed by Jennifer Chang
Now Playing thru October 5, 2014

Post-Show Discussion with Renowned Physicist and Origami Artist Robert J. Lang
Sunday, September 21, at 2 p.m.

A chat with renowned physicist and origami artist Robert J. Lang, along with the performers and creative team immediately following the show.

Members of the WCOG and local folding groups were offered tickets for contributing to the models donated for the play.

Make Lincoln smile, frown, look the other way

It incorporates the tent fold.  (^_~)

Sunday Funnies


Monday, September 15, 2014

Voices of LA Last Sunday

Joel Stern invited Lisa Tanashi and myself to help him at the Voices of LA Culminating Festival event yesterday, an initiative of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, promoting the diverse cultures found in Los Angeles:

A FREE, family-friendly celebration showcasing all five cross-cultural artistic collaborations commissioned specifically for Voices of LA. The day also includes a Food Stage hosted by Evan Kleiman of KCRW's Good Food and featuring some of LA's top chefs; interactive workshops; food trucks (kosher options); and multiple stages with klezmer, mariachi, Korean & Persian music and dance, plus other Los Angeles cultures.
The festival takes place in and around the renovated and historic 1929 campus of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Koreatown.

Joel and Lisa taught origami workshops while I ran a booth showing off models and providing entertainment.  We were outdoors, and the heat was crazy hot. 

As is my historical wont, I keep missing the best moments with my camera.  I should have my GoPro run the whole entire time.  I had some great reactions and funny moments that did not get captured.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Origami in the Garden

Origami Ponies by Kevin Box, photo/Kevin Box, courtesy Santa fe Botanical Garden
Santa Fe Travelers:

Origami in the Garden is a large-scale outdoor sculpture exhibition created by Cerrillos artist Kevin Box. The exhibition at the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens on Museum Hill opened on April 25th. The entire exhibit features 15 origami sculptures. Using lost wax casting and fabrication techniques Box captured the delicate nature of origami, the art of paper folding, in the more permanent medium of metal. A single blank page inspired each sculpture in the Origami in the Garden collection.  If you haven’t seen this exhibit yet put it on your schedule. It runs through October 25th. Admission is free to New Mexico residents (with ID) on Sunday, September 14th from 9am to 5pm.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Curious Art of Origami

New exhibit coming soon to Pasadena:

Using mathematical calculations to map out the folds necessary to form particular elements of an animal, bird or insect, origami artists from all over the world have been designing increasingly complex forms, often out of a single square of paper with no cuts or glue. Some artists, however, have pushed the artistic boundaries of origami by experimenting with different types of paper and new folding techniques to create works that barely resemble traditional origami – elaborately patterned geometric forms called tessellations and simple figural or abstract forms created with very few folds.

Curated by Meher McArthur
Featuring art by Robert Lang, Linda Mihara & Giang Dinh

The Curious Art of Origami opens September 19, 2014.
On view daily (except Sunday) through November 19, 2014.
9:30am-6pm in the Shumei Hall Gallery.

I believe Meher McArthur is the same curator that coordinated with Dr. Lang during the Origami exhibit at the Japanese-American National Museum in Little Tokyo a few years ago.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Origami for Self Defense

Well, on the heels of the bottle opener out of paper, I recalled seeing a video of one of my old teachers, Dan Inosanto, teaching about how the old Filipino Escrimadors would roll up a newspaper very tightly and use it as an improvised impact weapon (rolled up densely, it's about as good as wood).

Poking around, this is an example of what you can do with paper:

For kicks, I thought I'd run "self defense origami" in the YouTube search engine.  I was shocked when this lame video came up (not expecting to find a thing under that topic heading):

Yup....5-and-a-half minutes of your life that you will never ever get back.

You're welcome.

Fold a Bottle Opener

Nice party trick:

I first learned this from Won Park....who apparently picked up from YouTube.

Monday, September 08, 2014

1st Sunday at Marti's yesterday

I was not planning on attending because of work; but after the gymnastics meet ended, I made the hour drive to Marti's.  Missed the first two hours. But most people didn't start leaving until after 5pm.

Andrew Ting tried to teach me Beth Johnson's pig.  Not entirely successful, but it was fun.  Andrew folded one out of a 4 inch square.

More photos.

Sunday, September 07, 2014


I am blown away by this:

Beth Johnson Origami:

New owl design. Inspired once again by Tomoko Fuse's book, Spiral. One uncut square, no cuts or glue.

Such a clever usage of an existing technique, "picking up the ball and running with it."

Sunday Funnies

Hat tip source:  CHRUMIGAMI

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Tanteidan Convention Book 20 Unboxed

Mine arrived over a week ago. 

The Ringer

According to Ray Takeuchi, via O-List:

 In the September 2014 issue of MAGIC magazine on page 65 is an origami dollar bill magic trick by Blake Vogt.

EFFECT: The magician borrows a spectator’s dollar bill.  He folds it into a simple small rectangle.. Then it instantly changes into an origami shirt that can be handed out.

It sounds like it might be a similar trick to this classic....although I could (and probably am waaay off).

Looking up Blake Vogt (cited in the article for the bill effect), I found this:

I'm guessing it might involve using a magnet and possibly destroying (cutting up) a piece of a bill to fit the denomination over the ring (like this trick).

Read the reviews by people who purchased this trick.