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Update 3/9/2014 10:38

Caricature by Lar DeSouza
I'm finally updating the welcome post which is only able to sit at the top of this dated blog because it's post-posted 49 years into the future.  The last update was 7 years ago.

When I first began this blog back in late 2004, It was for the purpose of hosting videos documenting the Westcoast Origami Guild- I believe the longest, most established origami folding group in the greater LA area.

Since that time, Have Paper Will Travel has evolved.  It's more an aggregate blog for all sorts of origami and origami-related items floating around out there that I find interesting; and which I may think readers and followers out there might also find of interest.

There is so much content on the internet these days, it's hard to follow it all.  

My sidebar is one of the largest collections of origami-content links in one place.  FYI, it gets updated periodically with new links as I find them.  I should alert readers whenever I add something new, but haven't been (yet).  If you'd like your site or photo album linked and don't see it in the sidebar (check around very carefully and under the proper category), just let me know.  There are sooooo many photo albums out there (it seems almost every folder on the planet has one), I could spend all day collecting up links and still have more to go.

 I'd like to do what I can to expand the audience and draw more attention to noteworthy sites and folders; to bring more exposure to the art and science of paperfolding; and to bring more people into "the fold".

  There are so many great folders out there on the level of well-known luminaries like Satoshi Kamiya, Brian Chan, and Robert Lang.  I think this especially began to happen after Dr. Lang published "Origami Design Secrets", which I've still not taken the time to sit down and study (let alone fold much from). 

Anyway, thanks to everyone who comes by and takes something of usefulness away from here.  Feel free to drop in a comment for any suggestions.  

I realize that those viewing on mobile devices may have a difficult time reading the lighter colored font.  I still do not like the background layout of what blogger did to this blog and may eventually update the layout again when I have the time and energy to research into it.  In the meantime....


Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to Trisect an Angle with Origami

Hat tip:  Jo Nakashima

*UPDATE 12-14-2014*

Saadya on the O-List makes a great point:

The video is lovely, but I can't help being annoyed that the first discoverer of a method to use origami to solve this problem--Hisashe Abe of Hokkaido University--is nowhere  in the video (body or credits) mentioned by name. It is as if origami is this general pool of knowledge and there are no pioneers worth crediting for their efforts or discoveries. (Meanwhile in this presenter's companion video on "Euclid's Big Problem", Galois and Wantzel--mathematicians--ARE mentioned by name.)

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Folding Sheep

Next year is the Year of the Ram.

Hat tip:  Hisako Tanji

Boldly Going Where Folders Have Gone Before

Won Park Enterprise

At Marti's last Sunday, Ron Fujioka brought a stack of bank bill $ that he had been holding onto for Fred Upton for 2 years.  Why?  Because Fred had put out a request for anyone with bills that held the numbers "1701" in its serial- the same as the serial number on the various Enterprises.

So Fred taught Won Park's version of the Enterprise last Sunday.  Fred figured it out from Won's descriptions and from some help Won gave him back when he made a visit out to Los Angeles.

Photos here.

Drawing Origami

Alexander Kurth's review of Nicolas Terry's new book:

Monday, December 08, 2014


Hat tip to  Beverly Baudino for sending me this yesterday:

A Dallas-based company has come up with a new way to end inflight battles in the hated armrest war.
Soarigami is a clip-on, origami-style plastic divider that looks very much like a paper airplane and acts like an armrest extender -- giving passengers a bit more space. 


The Soarigami is made of strong plastic that folds into a thin profile for easy transport, says Grace Lee Chang, co-creator of Soarigami. The Soarigami securely attaches onto the armrest with flexible spring-action ‘landing gear.’ The ‘wings’ become the new extended armrests and the ‘vertical stabilizer’ in the middle acts as a barrier between two elbows.
“Sora means sky in Japanese, and gami means graceful,” she says. “With the product being origami-inspired and meant to be used in flight, the name Soarigami was born, aiming to soar the skies with grace.”
The Soarigami product is still being tested, but is set to be available for purchase in early 2015 for around $30.

Drunken Origami

Inebriated folders December 5, 2014 at Bang Bang nightclub in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego

Last Friday, I traveled to San Diego to teach origami in a dance nightclub setting.  So low lighting and wasted party-goers made for some challenging teaching.  Conversation fun and folding devolved with one group into everything being a sexual inuendo.  I would have been off brushing up on origami underground.  Since it was also a Japanese-themed party and nightclub, and they had Sumo wrestlers perform, I think this would have been a good model to teach and have fun with:

 Since everyone was inebriated, this is probably how exciting it would have looked to them:

 And incidentally speaking of Sumo, I recently saw this cool Sumo wrestler by Yoo Tae Yong:

Photo source:  Beth Johnson Origami
You can see more angles and other models on his Flickr.

It was a closed event, business company holiday party; and I was kept over the scheduled time (which I suppose is a compliment).

I was impressed with a couple of patrons getting through folding a Carmen Sprung Stern Franziska.  My attention-getter was constantly launching my boomerang glider. 

Driving back to LA latenight, I assumed would be a breeze; but it wasn't.  That's when freeway construction and repairs happen (not that it doesn't go on in daylight, either) and I hit more than a few heavy traffic jams and annoying detours.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Crane-making production

Video description:

An update on where I am in my quest to make 1000 Origami Cranes and A little motivation to help you find the strength and persistence to do something like this. You can do it! Be motivated and persistent like me. I have the persistence to fold all these cranes and you can too!!!
Lots of fun stuff on my website including origami projects like a flapping bird, and a paper water bomb.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A goose!

I think this is from the Jim Carrey movie, "Liar, Liar", using the crumplegami technique:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Carmen Sprung's Stern Franziska as a Blow Spinner

Folded one of these for the first time at Sunday's POP; and then spontaneously just decided to hold it between two fingers and blow.  It spins pretty well!

I had one of my gymnasts demonstrate how:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bennett Arnstein shows off a Star of David spinner

I folded Carmen Sprung's Stern Franziska for the first time; then turned it into a cool spinner.

Biggest surprise of the day was Jared Needle dropping in.  He apparently moved back here two days ago from his stint in Dayton, Ohio.

Photos of today's POP meeting here.

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