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Update 3/9/2014 10:38

Caricature by Lar DeSouza
I'm finally updating the welcome post which is only able to sit at the top of this dated blog because it's post-posted 49 years into the future.  The last update was 7 years ago.

When I first began this blog back in late 2004, It was for the purpose of hosting videos documenting the Westcoast Origami Guild- I believe the longest, most established origami folding group in the greater LA area.

Since that time, Have Paper Will Travel has evolved.  It's more an aggregate blog for all sorts of origami and origami-related items floating around out there that I find interesting; and which I may think readers and followers out there might also find of interest.

There is so much content on the internet these days, it's hard to follow it all.  

My sidebar is one of the largest collections of origami-content links in one place.  FYI, it gets updated periodically with new links as I find them.  I should alert readers whenever I add something new, but haven't been (yet).  If you'd like your site or photo album linked and don't see it in the sidebar (check around very carefully and under the proper category), just let me know.  There are sooooo many photo albums out there (it seems almost every folder on the planet has one), I could spend all day collecting up links and still have more to go.

 I'd like to do what I can to expand the audience and draw more attention to noteworthy sites and folders; to bring more exposure to the art and science of paperfolding; and to bring more people into "the fold".

  There are so many great folders out there on the level of well-known luminaries like Satoshi Kamiya, Brian Chan, and Robert Lang.  I think this especially began to happen after Dr. Lang published "Origami Design Secrets", which I've still not taken the time to sit down and study (let alone fold much from). 

Anyway, thanks to everyone who comes by and takes something of usefulness away from here.  Feel free to drop in a comment for any suggestions.  

I realize that those viewing on mobile devices may have a difficult time reading the lighter colored font.  I still do not like the background layout of what blogger did to this blog and may eventually update the layout again when I have the time and energy to research into it.  In the meantime....


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Celebrate World Origami Days!

A couple of useful links to check out in relation to World Origami Days:  Croatian Origami Society and Origami srce za Japan.

Via  Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek:

This exhibition is a continuation of the first origami art exhibition in Croatia, with international origami masters, Poetry in Paper in Krapina in 2008. This time, we had fine art professionals, jurying and setting up the exhibition. We had a special way to open the exhibition:  the Cultural Attaché of the Japanese Embassy in Zagreb, Mr. Ryohei Nakajima, unfolded a Miura map to symbolize the opening. Some of the feedbacks are that visitors lingered more around origami than around food and drinks, and that the Gallery personell had to gently remind the last of us it was nine, the closing time. 

Check out the Croatian Origami Society Facebook page.  Also Origami srce za Japan.

Via Patricia Grodner to the O-List:

 Origami Heaven is happy to be celebrating World Origami Days this year with 2 remote online classes from Dennis Walker in Scotland and Michael Assis in Australia.  These classes are FREE!  OrigamiUSA’s Origami Connect team will be producing this event for folders everywhere.  We hope you are enjoying World Origami Days in your communities!

> Please join us on November 1st!
>     - Class 1:  Dennis Walker at 10:00 AM
>     - Class 2:  Michael Assis  at 11:00 AM
>     - Tour: "See" the Origami Heaven and "meet" some of the participants at 12:00 Noon

NOTE: ALL times are in EST (UTC-5) which will be the time zone of New York on November 1. Be sure to check the time in your region since daylight saving times will change on October 31!  Use can use the time zone converter at <>.

Be sure to check your time zone and remember that Eastern time zone changes from daylight saving on October 31!

Please join our classes at the following link: <>

Watch for more Origami Connect events on the OrigamiUSA website: <> --coming soon!

 Via Patsy Wang-Iverson on the O-List:

What better way to celebrate World Origami Days than to hear an MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Distinguished lecture by our own Tom Hull!
Date: November 10, 2015
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: MAA Carriage House, 1781 Church St., Washington, DC

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

PCOC Boulder

Joisel rat folded by me for Chila Caldera (finally!)

I drove out to PCOC from LA to Boulder last weekend; stayed and visited with my parents in Colorado Springs between folding.  I'll try and gather photos together, soon. 

It was great to see old familiar faces from near and far; and connect with some folders I have not had a chance to meet, yet.

Sunday Funnies

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

An Orizuru that Really Flies

Origami and technology go together pretty well. Lightweight, efficient structures... and animal shapes. But there's nothing more "origami" than the humble paper crane. Now, courtesy of a small, light, power-efficient microcomputer from Rohm (a Japanese company: don't let the name fool you), the crane can fly. Better still, it's remote-controlled and can even keep itself afloat for around five minutes, according to the spokesperson. It's almost the most Japanese thing here at this year's CEATEC. Almost.

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