Sunday, April 16, 2006


Youtube has disabled my account, due to some crackdown on copyrighted videos that I've had uploaded for months. So none of the videos on this blog will work. I hope to get things straightened out.

UPDATE: I have opened a new account, as YouTube hasn't responded to my e-mail. Being the impatient guy that I am on this, I shall begin uploading the vids all over again. Be patient, and hopefully I will get it all done by the end of the weekend, and it should be like nothing ever happened.

4/11/06- I have a new account. It will take me a while to re-upload all the videos, so be patient.

April 16, 2006- Happy Easter! Pretty much all of my videos are back up (or in the process); anything over 100 MBs or over 10 minutes in length, I have posted through, as YouTube is now also enforcing a policy of videos being under those amounts.