Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Won Park Interview

Deb Pun Discoe posted the following video on her Facebook:

Happy to hear him make mention of Joel Bauer (Look him up if you do not know who this amazing man is).

I remember Joel returning from a trip to Hawaii, raving about this street artist he met. I was a bit skeptical back then that there were any "undiscovered" artists that no one has heard of (today there are many amazing origamists that many probably are unaware of); but Joel showed me some of Won's work. He encouraged Won to attend OUSA and that's where I first met Won Park.

I'd credit Joel as the one who propelled Won Park out of isolation and into the larger community of paperfolding enthusiasts.

Incidentally, speaking of Park, I remember coming across this video last year. Glad to see Won's generosity acknowledged in cyberspace: