Sunday, February 13, 2005

WCOG February Meeting

Two videos for this month. The first one has Phu Tran teaching his rose:

It really is quite gorgeous. He has several different variations, all based off of the Kawasaki twist-fold method, but quite original in how he has given his rose the illusion of additional petals. The calyx and leaves are interlocked into the stem; and the calyx itself locks into the rose by incorporating a spearhead-shaped insertion-tip.

I brought two of my gymnasts to this meeting:


JuanjoVega said...

Hello, I'm triying to learn how to fold Phu Tran's rose or finding someone who could teach me how to fold ... if you can help me in anyway, please write me at juanjo(dot)vega(a)

Thanks by advance and congratulations for your blog.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I hope Phu got a hold of you. I did forward him your message.

If you have the time, go to Saj's origami forum and do a search for "Phu rose". That should give you an idea of where things are on this.

Kansas City Vacations said...

i also did try how to do this "paper roses" but til now i cant figure it out :(