Sunday, June 25, 2006

WCOG April 8, 2006 Meeting

I've been behind in doing the monthly WCOG music vid journals of our club gatherings. But having read Andrew Hans give a brief report of OUSA (I decided kind of last minute that I wasn't prepared to go this year...breaking my 4 or 5 consecutive years of attendance), and making mention of Yami Yamauchi showing off his magic rings, I got the inspiration to put together a video. I decided to do the April meeting, because I remember it being chock-full of magic show-offs, puzzles, and tricks. We even did some origami. Marcee Raffel (bless her soul!) called me from the late night folding in NY, while I was in the middle of editing the video, tonight. Yami said he brought 200 of those ring packages with him, and already gave them all away. Everywhere he goes, he is always generous; always entertaining folks. The beautiful young girl toward the end along with her gorgeous grandmother are very dear to me. Emily is another one of my gymnasts, and is very special. I'm always happy when my gymnasts also share my love for paperfolding.

April photos may be seen in the WCOG 2006 album.

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