Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Won Park Demonstrations

Apparently, people are having some difficulties in understanding how to fold the fins on Won Park's dollar koi.

I was going to try to upload a video of Won folding his model at OUSA, but it's just so damn long (he's a slow, meticulous folder); and I haven't found the patience to edit and condense it down to something viewable and easily uploadable.

For now, here is Won Park folding the fins to his koi fish:

Won Park Folds The Fins On His Dollar Koi

I apologize for the lack of explanation (remember: I was filming him folding it- not teaching it), any blurry moments, and had no control over his fingers being "in the way". Hopefully, as a supplemental to Marcio's diagrams, it will help.

As a bonus, I found in my files, this clip of Won Park demonstrating his jumping frog:


Kimi said...

I wonder if I comment this post if it will be seen >_< I really hope so.

You said you wanted to upload a video of the demonstration of making the dollar koi fish

I wanted to comment you and encourage you to make one if you can find the time ^_^

I fell in love with the picture when I first saw it.

Truthfully I want to make it for my significant other whose name is Khoi.. (pronounced the same way)

I always make him dollar hearts so
I thought it'd be a nice change to make him something like this.

I've downloaded the pdf file but i'm really stuck on a lot of the steps

But I really really want to do this right until I can get it!!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Hey kimi,

Won was so busy and popular at OUSA, I couldn't find the time to film him fold one, "unbothered". So the footage I have is soooo long, 'cause he gets interrupted by conversations and such and isn't making an instructional video, but is simply folding one, taking his time.

What part are you having trouble with? Folding? Detailing and shaping at the end?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying ^_^

I'm actually having trouble with a lot of steps in the beginning =_=

But I remember you (i think) posting a link to all the pictures so i saved them, haven't tried it yet due to upcoming holidays but I think it should be helpful.

But if you ever find the time to upload the footage you have it'd be great ^^

meir said...

In the video of Won folding the Koi there is a dolphin sitting on the table. Do you have any idea whose diagram (i.e. design) it is (I know it's not Brill's)?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I vaguely remember it; how many minutes into the video does it appear (sorry, I just got home and am too beat to watch through it).

I think it might have been folded by Jason Ku, Phillip West, or Joseph Wu. I'm leaning toward it being Jason's creation. Are you on the O-List? Maybe ask there.

MAUIHIGH1989 said...

Hey Kimi,
Did you ever figure out how to do the koi? I am only on the first page and I'm stuck. Can anybody help? I REALLY want to fold these for my son's first birthday party - the theme is koi kinda like for boy's day. Any help would be appreciated!!
Aloha from Maui!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


Did you try consulting with Won Park's moneyfolders unite group? What are you stuck on? What is your skill level, in your estimation? In a lot of ways, it's not a difficult fold; but it does require precision, and a good eye at sculpting and shaping.

MAUIHIGH1989 said...

Hi! Sorry, I gave up trying to make sense of the directions for folding the koi. I am trying again and got a little farther. I think that I have it until step 38. After that I'm not sure how to fold the head part. I'm using a piece of white paper that's scaled twice the size of a dollar bill - I figured that it would help if it were larger. Anyhow, I'd appreciate any help you could give.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


I actually find it harder to fold with regular paper; I think I rely heavily upon the printing on the dollar as landmarks for this particular model.

The head part and fins are admittedly challenging. Right now, my computer's in the shop so I have limited access to the internet. I might ask Won if I can film myself folding some of the problem areas people are having trouble with. Or maybe step-photos. It could be a while though. Life is hectic. I'm not even going to go to OUSA today, and finances are only part of the issue.