Monday, March 10, 2008

WCOG Meeting March 8, 2008

March was my first WCOG meeting, this year. I got off work at 2pm. The team works out until 3pm, but I smuggled my friend, Thea, anyway, and took her to the origami gathering. Her mom and younger brother met up with us, there. Not a huge turnout, and many were working on Won Park's koi out of what looked like Yami's kraft paper.

Thea's long been one of my favorite kids at the gym, and since I no longer work with team, I have not really been able to share time with her.

Don't know how well the music really fits, as is the case with all my music vids. I recently discovered cover songs on YouTube. I've always liked Bon Jovi's music, but haven't heard much of his recent stuff. Don't know how recent/distant this song is, but it's new to my ears. So I'm using it (the cover is by Bradly Akeman). Besides, I do cherish the memories of my time amongst friends.


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