Monday, November 24, 2008

Yami gets away with "Grabbing the breast and pulling the tail"

This is Randlett's flapping bird.

I sometimes wince at Yami's humor when it borders on the edge of "inappropriate for children's ears".

There was one year that Yami apparently offended some wife of some program director at the JACC in downtown Los Angeles, during Children's Day. I only learned of it sometime later, when we stopped getting invited back, after two years of doing it. My contact didn't know the details, but I it's hard to imagine Yami offending anyone since he's so generous and kind; but I wonder if it had to do with humor like this?

I vaguely remember him phrasing something in a really funny way (I'm absolutely sure it was unintentional, and just came out funny) once, while teaching the Thai tulip. I don't remember the exact wording, but it had to do with the moment when you expand the model, like the waterbomb, by blowing air into it. To orient the students s to which way to hold the model, he said "this is the top and this is the bottom...." and pointed to his rear end.....then talked about blowing through the hole. I wish I could remember the way it came out, because it was hilarious. But I'm sure you can just imagine...

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