Monday, May 04, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival Music Video 2009

There used to be a musician named Ken who would street perform on weekends in Little Tokyo. Whenever he saw me, he'd play for me one of my favorite tunes: Hana, an Okinawan song. A few years ago, he moved to Phoenix (incidentally, I saw him there at the Matsuri Festival the first year I was invited).

I used it on a previous Monterey Park video, from 4 years ago. I decided to use it again, this time with a Hawaiian version.

Pictures here.


Teri said...

beautiful video michael! i love the giant paper crane and the song choice was perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful Michael! You are so creative with your filming and editing. Love the song! I just loved watching you in your element.
Hope to see you soon, if I can get Nika to want to come do a trial at Broadway again.

Jasmine said...

This is so cool of you, Michael! Love your updated film and pictures...So much fun with the meeting. I hope will have one in Portland, Oregon.

Travel Professional said...

what a nice opening on the video :)
great video, i wish i saw it myself

laurie01 said...

Such posts make me think of what music truly means, and that is to bring joy to the heart of the audiences. I'm a percussionist and I love to teach children on how to play bongos. At least I've shared something as part of my contribution and passion for music. Just like what the director of this show in the post aims.