Monday, October 11, 2010

Eric Joisel (11/15/1956 - 10/10/2010)

His friends and family have lost a loved one. The origami community has lost a master and pioneer. The world has lost a true artiste. His work deserves to be marveled at in every museum as art- definitely not "kid's craft". His sculpted origami work truly elevated the field of paperfolding into a respectable medium for artistic expression.

I always hoped to meet him one day at a convention; the chance to do so in this world has now passed.

My limited contact with him consisted of him granting me permission to sell his cartoon rat- one of my favorite folds. All of Joisel's models have charm and humor. They are enchanting and wooden sculptures and clay statues, not folded paper. To look upon Joisel's origami masterpieces is to be humbled by awe and beauty.

This is the legacy he leaves behind- a gift to the world.

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