Friday, February 04, 2011

When Usagi Yojimbo Crosses Paths with Origami

I believe I've posted on this before (too lazy to dig through the archives, at the moment)...

This four-page story opens with Usagi coming to a mountain inn. He notices a patron sitting at a table folding a tsuru (crane), who explains he does this to remember the many he has killed. He claims to be an assassin. Usagi orders a meal and decides to stay away from the assassin. However, after the assassin finishes folding the tsuru, he call's Usagi by name and puts it on Usagi's table before leaving the inn. Usagi is surprised the assassin knows his name. After Usagi finishes his meal and leaves the inn, the assassin accosts him on the road outside. He reveals he was hired by Yamanaka the seaweed merchant to slay Usagi for driving him out of business. A duel ensues, and Usagi strikes down the assassin and then tosses down the folded tsuru as the assassin gives out his dying breath.
Watch "Tsuru".

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