Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lover'$ Knot

I made this last Sunday for a friend's 10th wedding anniversary vow renewal ceremony.  I tried it with the $10 denomination, but the printing did not lend itself to as good a result as the single (and the old $10 printing is much the same as the new one in terms of size and placement of the denomination sign).  The girl on the $10 also comes out bland.  So I settled for the single, liking how the "one" printed across the hearts can symbolize two hearts as one; and tied together by the word "TRUST".

I believe Mike Jittlov had adapted Francis Ow's model to the dollar and it was taught indirectly to me by Andrew Hans, with Ron Fujioka giving me one he had made and modified such that the "IN GOD WE TRUST" printing showed in the knot.

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dkim said...

can you provide a folding diagram for this? this is really neat, and doesn't look too difficult.