Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets folded...."

That angel hangs on the wall of my parents house up in Penn Valley.  Recently, I thought I might play around with a simple color change to make the halo stand out:

Several years ago, before Phyllis Snyder passed away, I had asked her to act on my behalf to seek permission from her friend, Louise Cooper, so that I might put out a video tutorial on her angel.  Phyllis said Louise granted me permission, but did not want to be credited.  I was perplexed by that; but guess it might have to do with her angel being a derivative of the classic Neil Elias angel (which I haven't folded, but really should).  So maybe she didn't feel like she made sufficient modifications to claim the model as completely original.

Phyllis is now gone; and OUSA fears that this might be the case with Louise Cooper.  At PCOC, I was asked if I had her contact information or knew of her current whereabouts because the last contact address OUSA has is no longer current.  The last anyone seems to know is that she may have suffered a stroke and moved out to a retirement home in California.  Phyllis' daughter said she had talked with Louise on the phone, after her mother's passing but not since.

I might still eventually come around to putting out a tutorial. 

Or, I do believe diagrams were published by WCOG before.  So maybe I'll send an email to Terry Hall and ask if this is the case and whether or not we could put diagrams out in the public sphere.  A few years back, I seem to recall him mentioning about maybe scanning old WCOG newsletters and making them available on the internet, to archive our history.

Anyway, hope everyone out there has a safe and Happy New Year's celebration; and stay tuned: Am planning to ring in New Year's Day with a post on a model that has been receiving some popular interest.


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Origami University said...

Fantastic looking origami angel!