Thursday, May 15, 2014

Origami Crane Godzilla

This was created by Jessica Langella and published 7 years ago:

Origami Crane Godzilla - Approximate height 5'6". Free-standing sculpture composed of over one thousand individual origami cranes, traditional symbols of peace, arranged around a chicken wire armature to form a Godzilla-type monster. This work evokes the symbolism of Godzilla as the first truly evil monster of the 20th century and its conception as the response of a culture that had experienced nuclear warfare. This sculpture calls attention to the need to examine traditional ideas of peace and what those ideas can be manipulated into, as in the paper cranes that are manipulated into this destructive monster.

In wake of the new Godzilla movie being released tomorrow, they were looking for an origami artist a couple of weeks back, willing to be on site at the premiere to fold Godzilla monsters; but were also looking into having 400 or so pre-folded to give out.  They were unaware of copyright issues and amount of time it may take to fold, depending upon the complexity of the model.

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