Saturday, August 23, 2014

Origami Sighting in Scooby Do

Swapnil Das at the Origami Forum had written this a while back:

In the cartoon movie "Scooby Doo and the Ghost of the Black Samurai", Shaggy and scooby folds an origami Octopus and Velma realizes that the Destiny Scroll will show the way if you fold the scroll into an Origami Dragon. And the dragon was a neat model! Not any famous models, But at least it showed them!
I couldn't find a video online for this segment. 

Here's a transcript from the episode, Scooby Do and the Samurai Sword:

00:20:54The destiny scroll holds the only clue to the secret location of the sword of doom in the form of an ancient riddle.
00:21:04If the ghost can solve the riddle of the scroll, he will reclaim the sword of doom and free his evil spirit.
00:21:12If only we'd gotten a good look at that scroll, maybe we could have solved the riddle first.
00:21:18Shaggy: Yeah, like, too bad.
00:21:20The scroll is gone.
00:21:21Aw, too bad.
00:21:23[Laughs] guess that's the end of this mystery.
00:21:26No, my friends, the mystery has only begun.
00:21:31[Buzzes] [both gasp] [gasps] the destiny scroll!
00:21:42So the other scroll was a fake.
00:21:44[Laughs] psyche!
00:21:47Yes, but the black samurai will soon realize the deception and return.
00:21:55I will translate the inscription.
00:21:57"The journey of a thousand miles begins "with a single step.
00:22:04" ..
00:22:10Begins with a single step?
00:22:12The paper dragon shows the way.
00:22:16Shaggy: I've got it!
00:22:18Like, check it out, scoob.
00:22:19An origami octopus. beat that. hmm?
00:22:27Look. snowflakes.
00:22:30[Giggles] that's it.
00:22:33The paper dragon must be a reference to origami, the japanese art of folding paper.
00:22:40Velma's right.
00:22:41Ok, guys, give us an origami dragon, but this time, use the scroll.
00:22:49Just a little tuck here, a fold there.
00:22:52.. [gasps] .. [groans] huh?
00:22:58Both: Ta-da!
00:23:00[Laughs] the words have been rearranged.
00:23:04 it now reads, " the journey begins with a thousand steps?
00:23:13How is that any different?
00:23:16Hang on, gang.
00:23:16I think I've got something.
00:23:19The temple of a thousand steps.

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