Sunday, January 04, 2015

1st Sunday of the Month of the Year

Jared Needle behind a bottle of beer, behind a model of his labrador

I didn't get to Garden Grove until 3:30pm (fortunately, few left on time, at 4pm, staying much longer, past time), due to work obligations.  It was Jared Needle's first time at Marty's. 

Ron Fujioka traded out a few fresh dollar bills with the serial number "1701...", for folding dollar Enterprises.  He had acquired around $400 singles initially with that number, having remembered someone searching for such a number (that someone being Fred Upton, who learned to fold Won's Enterprise).  Apparently when he told Fred about it, the bank was out of them by the time Fred made it down to that bank. 

New album created for 2015 at Marty's.

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