Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Origami Effect

The magician who apparently designed this dollar butterfly- Andrew Mayne- also has a dvd called The Origami Effect, released in 2010:

Instantly turn a slip of paper into the origami shape of the animal a person is visualizing in their mind. Turn a borrowed bill into a butterfly. Tear up a newspaper and produce an animated origami rabbit. Andrew Mayne presentsThe Origami Effect; powerful, visual magic that lets you give form to thoughts. 

The effects on the video:

The Origami Effect: A spectator thinks of an animal from a list of over 40 different origami shapes and you change the Post-It-Note into the animal instantly before their eyes.

The Recycled Rabbit: Tear a sheet of newspaper to pieces and then restore it into an origami rabbit that can't sit still. Great for kids and grown-ups alike. Takes only minutes to prepare.

Psychic Origami: Borrow a dollar from a spectator and change it into the animal they're visualizing in their mind. Includes multiple presentations.

Wineglass Origami: A devious way to change a borrowed bill into an origami shape right under your spectator's noses.
 Review at The Magic Cafe Forum:

The effects that are provided of the DVD are ones that allow the magician with the skills to turn simple slip of paper and imposable turn it into an Origami animal. The different types of paper include post-it notes, newspaper, and dollar bills. Because of the option of being able to use different types of paper it provides the magician with many different types of environments in with the effect could be used. Including but not limiting to close-up, walk around, and parlor.  
The skills of folding the Origami animals are well explained, and easy to follow. Andrew goes in great deeps in explaining how each stage of the folding is to be done. Thus making the learning of the making the Origami animals as much fun as performing the effect.  
As far as the skill level of sleight of hand needed to perform the effect is mid-level. By this I mean that one only needs to understand how to control ones angle of view.
This is a great effect that literary packs flat and plays big, and would make a great addition to any table hopper’s arsenal.

Another review here.  Excerpt:

Some may argue that this isn’t a ‘magic’ effect. Some may interpret the ‘magic moment’ as you simply being REALLY fast at origami.

Well, being primarily an origamist with an interest in magic rather than a magician with an interest in origami, this wouldn't be a negative.

One more review:

Folding a sheet of paper into an animal or an object is the beautiful art of Origami.  If you conceal the physical part of folding the paper, it becomes magical because you now transform a lifeless piece of paper into a representation of an animal or an object.  This was what Andrew Mayne attempted to do in The Origami Effect DVD.


If you are fascinated by origami and want to use it in magic, this DVD is a very good place to start – it will motivate you to come out with your own presentations. 

Here's also a clip of him performing his dollar butterfly effect:

Andrew Mayne is awesome.  Just be careful not to trust him.

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