Saturday, September 12, 2015

12-Step Heart for Heart Attack Assessment Awareness

Joel Stern via Origami Mailing List:

Hi everyone,
A while back, a mother of a young man who had died suddenly of a heart attack reached out to me to design an origami heart that could be folded in 12 steps. Here's the story behind this request.
Justin Carr was the young man's name, and his heart attack was caused by pediatric cardiomyopathy, which had gone undetected.
There exists a 12-question heart attack assessment that, in Europe, has proved over the last 25 years to be over 85% effective in saving lives. Currently, only 6% of U.S. doctors even know that these questions exist. These questions can be found here:
The mother wanted to use origami to publicize this assessment because her son had once used origami to reach out to a very shy young girl. The story can be found here:
The 12-step origami heart integrates Justin's love of people, his skill with origami, and the 12-step assessment program which has the potential to save many young lives.
I am continually inspired by Justin's story, and by the dedication of his parents to create something meaningful and positive out of their pain.
Here is the heart that I designed in Justin's memory:

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