Saturday, October 31, 2015

Celebrate World Origami Days!

A couple of useful links to check out in relation to World Origami Days:  Croatian Origami Society and Origami srce za Japan.

Via  Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek:

This exhibition is a continuation of the first origami art exhibition in Croatia, with international origami masters, Poetry in Paper in Krapina in 2008. This time, we had fine art professionals, jurying and setting up the exhibition. We had a special way to open the exhibition:  the Cultural Attaché of the Japanese Embassy in Zagreb, Mr. Ryohei Nakajima, unfolded a Miura map to symbolize the opening. Some of the feedbacks are that visitors lingered more around origami than around food and drinks, and that the Gallery personell had to gently remind the last of us it was nine, the closing time. 

Check out the Croatian Origami Society Facebook page.  Also Origami srce za Japan.

Via Patricia Grodner to the O-List:

 Origami Heaven is happy to be celebrating World Origami Days this year with 2 remote online classes from Dennis Walker in Scotland and Michael Assis in Australia.  These classes are FREE!  OrigamiUSA’s Origami Connect team will be producing this event for folders everywhere.  We hope you are enjoying World Origami Days in your communities!

> Please join us on November 1st!
>     - Class 1:  Dennis Walker at 10:00 AM
>     - Class 2:  Michael Assis  at 11:00 AM
>     - Tour: "See" the Origami Heaven and "meet" some of the participants at 12:00 Noon

NOTE: ALL times are in EST (UTC-5) which will be the time zone of New York on November 1. Be sure to check the time in your region since daylight saving times will change on October 31!  Use can use the time zone converter at <>.

Be sure to check your time zone and remember that Eastern time zone changes from daylight saving on October 31!

Please join our classes at the following link: <>

Watch for more Origami Connect events on the OrigamiUSA website: <> --coming soon!

 Via Patsy Wang-Iverson on the O-List:

What better way to celebrate World Origami Days than to hear an MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Distinguished lecture by our own Tom Hull!
Date: November 10, 2015
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: MAA Carriage House, 1781 Church St., Washington, DC

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