Friday, March 10, 2017

Origami at Descanso Gardens

This is the event that Yami Yamauchi used to do; and has passed it on to me (I believe my third year doing this).

This year, they decided to host their Cherry Blossom Festival over two weekends.  These clips are from last weekend:

Sunday, it started out great (I wish someone had filmed it!); and then we hit rain:

We've had an unusual amount of rain in Southern California, this year.

Amazingly, people wanted to keep folding.  The umbrellas didn't exactly help because the downpour just soaked the tableclothes as they ran off the umbrellas.

Pam Miike and I are there again this weekend.  Unfortunately, tickets are sold out (as they were last weekend).  The Gardens wanted to try and control the crowds this year.

There is always next year!

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