Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Yami Passed Away Christmas Evening

July 29, 1936- December 25, 2017

Descanso Garden

Original photo taken by Yami's friend Kazuyoshi ITO

April 6, 2008
Cherry Blossom Festival, Little Tokyo

From Chikako:

Dear Yami's friends,

This is Yami's daughter Chikako writing from Yami's account.

Yoichi "Yami" Yamauchi passed away yesterday. His health had been declining for some time. His body expired and he passed away peacefully yesterday evening. Per Yami's wishes, his body is being cremated and his ashes will be scattered at some point in the future. There will not be a public funeral or service. Condolences can be posted on Facebook. Even though Yami was a public figure, please respect his family's privacy.

Kind regards,
Chikako Yamauchi

may 26, 2007 
Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA


Anonymous said...

Michael, thank you for sharing the joys of Yami through all your years of posting videos. He will be missed by so many. Leslie C.

Paper Paladin said...

Thank you, Leslie!