Friday, June 08, 2018

Origami Sighting: Family Guy

Not kid-friendly...

In the DVD Version of Family Guy's "Lois Kills Stewie":
 Stewie annunciates a different principle: "Henceforth, sexual intercourse is illegal. It is gross and disgusting and punishable by death."
Then follows a cut to Quagmire who's sitting in his apartment. He's bathed in sweat and trembling.
Quagmire: "Origami keeps my hands busy and my mind off sex. There we go. I made a swan. Stewie's a good leader."
The camera pans back and you see that Quagmire's room is full of origami.
Quagmire (haggardly wincing): "I wonder how many of these swans I can fit in my bum."
Cut back to Stewie: "In addition..." 

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