Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Harry Potter Origami World of Wensdy Whitehead

Wensdy Whitehead is a folder who many of you, outside of convention-goers, have probably never heard about.  She's a rather prolific creator.

Although I'm not an HP fan, some of my favorite models of hers is back when she was trending HP models for a couple of years.

I put together a video of OUSA 2005 with some of these:


It's difficult to even find photos of her models, as she does not have a website or album like Flickr.  So in order to find photos of her stuff, you have to search for conventions she's attended where others have taken photos of her exhibit models.

I'd love it if the Powers That Be who hold the merchandising rights to HP would recognize that there is probably a market for HP origami.  It happened with Chris Alexander (after 12 years).

I have a few winged keys, golden snitches, and a 3-piece sorting hat that I have a mind to reverse engineer, as I can't remember how to fold them.

One model I hadn't had an opportunity to fold is her pegasus.  It looks good; and if you shape the wings just right, spins when you drop it.  Quite clever.

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