Sunday, April 03, 2016

Chris Alexander Awakens

Feel the power of the Dark Side of the Fold!

Chris Alexander made a surprise appearance at Marti's, today (while she was away in Florida at a puzzle convention).  Last time he was seen by the local folding community was at John Andrisan's funeral services (which I missed). 

Coincidentally, I came with the goal in mind of folding Ángel Morollón's Vader from Pajarita magazine #134.  I did a trial run last night with linen paper. The one I folded at the meeting was out of mulberry foil paper- maybe around a 15" square? 

Chris entertained us with the story of how he came to obtain permission rights to publishing his Star Wars origami book; and meeting George Lucas.  It was a 12 year journey with twists and turns.  Over 4 million dollars have been made on Alexander's book (of which he gets 1% royalties- Chris says he's gotten around $36,000). 

It was a light turnout with a few mainstays away teaching origami at a public event.  Jared Needle came, however. 

His April Fool's Day joke got me good.

Photos here.

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