Monday, April 04, 2016

Will Origami Make an Appearance in Blade Runner 2?

 Dave Bautista:

The 47-year-actor took sparked a social media frenzy on his Instagram account by posting an image of himself holding a small origami unicorn.

 Origami is used extensively throughout the original 'Blade Runner' movie and in the final scene Harrison Ford's character Rick Deckard is seen holding an origami unicorn which was inserted by director Sir Ridley Scott to indicate Deckard is a replicant android.

Alongside the black and white photo, 'Spectre' star Bautista wrote: ''I can't wait to share some really exciting news...''

The plot for the sequel is being kept under wraps,
 It'll be very cool if origami plays some continuing role in the sequel.  After all, origami art has come a long way since 1982.

There's a draft post I just found that I never published from 4/27/2014.  Scheduled for it to publish tomorrow.

Hat tip:  Vicky Mihara Avery

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