Friday, September 28, 2007

Fun, two, three, Fold

For two months in a row, now, the WCOG has been a bit obsessed with flexicubes. It seems Yami returned from OUSA with a couple of flexicubes, one being the single piece Philip Noble model; the other being the modular version. Joe Hamamoto's been folding the multi-piece version while Yukie Partos has been folding the single sheet version, and teaching it to Guild members. Joe has been teaching his method of piecing together David Brill's double star flexicube (found in Brilliant Origami). He does something a bit different than the actual directions, adding in two extra hinges, I believe.

Can't get this silly song out of my head because of the oversaturation of that ipod commercial on tv. So I thought I'd use it in this video to exorcise me of the song.

I think I took a backward approach to solving my problem.

This is from our September 8th Westcoast Origami Guild meeting.

2007 WCOG pictures can be viewed here.

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