Saturday, October 13, 2007

Classic Elegance and Beauty in Simplicity

One of the sweet advantages of living in Los Angeles is that it's a "happening place". And being in the same town as those in the entertainment industry, sometimes I receive origami projects.

Leaving things around at places you shop, can sometimes pay off, financially. I've often had places that I frequent, keep their origami gifts out on display, with my contact information.

Last weekend, a person was looking for someone to fold two vases of traditional origami flowers for a movie. She said my name kept popping up wherever she asked around. Catherine Ortiz still heads our Westcoast Guild, and recommended me. A store in Little Tokyo, Bun Ka Do, also told them to get a hold of me.

So, anyway, I got commissioned to fold 40 roses for a movie called "Repossession Mambo" starring Jude Law. According to my contact, The flowers will be in a funeral scene in a commercial they are watching on TV in the movie." We'll see if it actually makes it on screen.

This was a last minute, hectic project, and Sunday night I got 2 hours of sleep to finish by deadline (one problem I encountered was searching for the right paper when many stores close on Sundays at inconvenient hours).

What was rewarding for me, was rediscovering my deep appreciation for the elegant simplicity of such a classic model as the traditional lily.

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