Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Bones About It

12/13/2005 - A folded eagle appeared on the TV series Bones in "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" (Christmas episode # 108). In the show, the forensic team is quarantined just before Christmas and prepare handmade gifts for each other from items in the lab. FBI agent Booth (David Boreanaz) makes an origami eagle for Dr. Goodman, the director of the Jeffersonian. The model was the eagle from "Origami Zoo" by Robert J. Lang, and was folded by Michael Ujin Sanders.
That would be yours truly!

I only just viewed the episode in question. I have no idea what the premise of the show is about.
If I remember correctly, I folded 2 Robert Lang Eagles from Origami Zoo, and about 2 more that were partially folded, in case they decided to film David Boreanaz "folding" the model (they settled on showing Boreanaz ripping a sheet of paper, fading out to the next scene)

The model only makes a brief appearance toward the end of the episode. I like where Dr. Goodman, who opens the present with the origami eagle, asks, "You made this?" And Boreanaz gives a modest "yeah."

You can view the episode in its entirety here.

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