Sunday, June 22, 2008

All the World's a Spinner

I haven't attended a POP meeting in ages. The late Dorothy Engelman arranged the group (I believe I attended the first meeting), and Joel Stern has since taken over the helm. I first met Neil Eisman at POP, and later, Jared Needle.

Joe Hamamoto seems to see every modular as a model he can blow and make spin between his thumb and finger; and Yami seems to see everything as a challenge to turn into a spinner. He did that about two months ago with a model someone showed him, where he added a center unit to make it spinnable, and I joked that everything can be made to spin, and proceeded to turn my John Szinger turtle over onto its back and spin it on its shell.

I missed last week's WCOG meeting, but it sounds like Bennett brought a model shown to him by Mark Kennedy 20 years ago and Yami added one more unit to make it spin. Author of the original design is not known, but maybe Mark can shed some light on it.

I believe Bennett said he submitted diagrams to OUSA.

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