Sunday, October 25, 2009

POP Beta testing twist box die

I learned this collapsible model (designed by Akiko Yamanashi) from Boaz Shuval at WCOG in February of '05. I thought I"d invest $300 in an experiment, and have a die made of the crease pattern in the hopes that non-folders will be able to do this model. Even though they don't have to worry about putting in the crease lines, it's probably still a bit of challenge to put together and collapse for young kids.

I had a thousand sheets of cardstock scored with the crease pattern in time for the Aquarium of the Pacific's Autmn Festival. Joe, Yami, and I will be making our 5th year return (although I think I missed the last 2 years, personally), snubbing PCOC in San Francisco, same weekend (major OUSA Convention, like the one in NYC).

We just can't be everywhere, all at once.


Deb Pun Discoe said...

Hi, Michael: How did you handle the video camera and have two free hands for folding? tricky!
Wonderful idea to invest in a die & teach the "collapse" during public teaching sessions.

paperknight2003 said...

I just hung the camera around my neck and hoped I'd keep my hands in view. Maybe I should get one of those shoulder girdles you see harmonica players use? Hah!

Next weekend will be the test on how well the scored paper works at teaching nonfolders.

paperknight2003 said...

Whoa....My response typed out under a different username (my yahoo account handle). Weird....

Mr. Wolf said...

Hi Michael
I unterstand the collapse but where I can find the CP? Is an A or letter-size?


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

According to Boaz, he published the diagrams in PCOC Play, available from OrigamiUSA.

It's from an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper.