Friday, November 15, 2013

Tissue Animals


*"Tissue Animals" -- The brand film of nepia

Nepia is a tissue manufacturer, which works on controlling sustainable forests, conserving their ecosystems and advancing employment.

"Great tissue comes from great trees. We thank our forests."

Such heart of Nepia has made a video work. A piece of tissue transforms to a tree, to a bird, to a frog and so on using stop motion animation. That is a "tissue craft art" we have never seen before.

Tissue we use everyday is made from trees in forests. We don't want to forget gratitude to forests because we can live thank to them.

We hope that lively forests and animals will continue to exist forever.

human being

Film Director : Fuyu Arai
Stop Motion Animator : Motoki Ohno
Film Cameraman : Chiyoe Sugita
Film Cameraman Assistant : Masahiro Shintani
Lightman : HIGASIX
Lightman Assistant : Tomoya Yoshimura
Art Work : Kiyomi Tokita
Art Work : Takanori Saito
Art Work : Shizuka Masaki
Editor : Maho Inamoto
Music : Mitsuru Sameshima
Sound Effect : Yoshiaki Tokunaga

*Check the making movie!
"Tissue Animals (making movie)"

*Click the following URL to know more about nepia's works.
A web site named "Say do you have nepia?"

Hat tip:  Paul Jackson on Origami-L

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