Wednesday, April 02, 2014


December 9, 2006

I was taken advantage of, doing this without pay (too naive and unconcerned about what they were doing).  I don't know if they ever actually used this footage; but at least they sent me a copy of this embarrassing, cringe-inducing promo video, aimed at getting kids excited about geometry:

I have a promo video on VHS from my stint with Sony Pictures Imageworks booth at Siggraph in 2007.  Maybe one day I'll transfer that one over.


Yara Yagi said...

Hi, Michael!

Love the videos and news. Thank you for linking my Flickr account and Uma Cartinha!
Sorry, my English is very bad.
A big hug from Brazil! And, please, tell Yami-san I send him a big hug too! :)


Paper Paladin said...

Hey, I wish I could write and speak in Portuguese, as well as Spanish, Japanese, French, etc.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I will tell Yami you said "hi".

Paper Paladin said...

Oh, and also the big hug! (^_~)