Monday, April 28, 2014

Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival 2014

The roll of paper in my right hand is the size I used for the Montroll horse

 I missed coming last year.  I miss the days when Yami, Joe, and yours truly would work these events together.  That said, it was nice to be back at the Monterey Park festival and seeing the regulars there; and it was great to have my folding friends, Marti and Chila, join me.  

After the instant origami tricks, I taught the banger that Yami likes to do (I think it's actually a Yami original), saying that being given instant origami is fun; but sometimes the process of folding it yourself offers its own brand of fun and reward.

And as usual, after the banger was taught, I did my "quick-fold" contest with audience participants and allowed them to pick origami prizes after.

I'll probably do one more post later on, with a couple more video clips from the event.

Joined by Marti and Chila

More photos here.

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