Friday, February 06, 2015

The Most Interesting Origami in the World

Over a year ago, I got commercial work for a Dos Equis commercial.  Failing to obtain permission for an existing origami pegasus on behalf of the production, and at the request for one that flaps, I came up with a simple flapping pegasus in about 5 minutes.  They seemed to love it, although I didn't think it was much; and apparently in the end, they went with my feelings about it; and to the best of my knowledge, the footage they filmed was left on the cutting room floor.   Oh, well.  I was well-compensated for my time and efforts.

They were also interested in an origami rose and so I put them in touch with Phu Tran, who they commissioned to fold several roses for them. 

I was the on-set artist/expert during filming; and they butchered all 6 roses, snipping off the beautiful long stem and leaves. 

Anyway, Phu Tran's rose (just one version out of several designs he has) made it into a Mexican version (I'm unaware of an English one) of a Dos Equis commercial, and deservedly so:

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