Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hat tip:  Joel Stern to O-List.  Joel writes:

Project Synopsis:In a small prefecture in Hokkaido, impoverished villagers with no weapons to defend themselves perfected an ancient art form called Warigami; the art of manipulating paper into weapons. Those threatened by this new power joined forces, and set out to destroy the Kamijin, or Paper Masters/Users, Folders, and Creasers. In order to preserve the art of the Warigami, the Paper Masters inscribed their knowledge and imbued powers into a “Master Scroll.” This scroll, containing all the knowledge of Warigami, was then split into seven pieces and divided amongst the masters who now became Scroll Guardians. As time passed, the duties of the guardians were passed down through generations.Season One is a revenge story, which follows Vincent, a descendant of one of the guardians. After witnessing a massacre at his dojo that resulted in his master’s death, the disappearance of Cassie, his lover, and the theft of his master’s scroll, Vincent must search for clues in order to find the person responsible for these crimes. All he knows for certain is that this person is also a Kamijin, and that other guardians are being killed for their scrolls. As Vincent’s only clue leads him to an assassin named Lexi, who tries to kill him, he must use his paper powers in order to survive.

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