Wednesday, August 10, 2016

FOLD-EASE®: RIdiculous or Ingenious? Useful or Unecessary?

Has anyone ever tried using a FOLD-EASE®?
FOLD-EASE® is a patented paper and card creasing tool, which prevents friction burns/cuts, speeds up folding and creates a better fold appearance.

Speeds up folding.
Better fold appearance.
Prevents friction burns and cuts

Dermot sent a link to the Origami List.  Looks like it was featured recently on some show called Dragon's Den.

 A "pointless pitch"?

I am almost 100% sure I saw this product at an OUSA convention, around 2005 or so.  I vaguely remember someone in the hospitality area using it; or promoting it.  It's been out of sight out of mind, since; and it took clicking on Dermot's link to make me recall having seen it a decade ago.

Okay, on this page it says "founded in 2011".   Hmm...

Can't believe this product has survived and kept in business, if I in fact did see it years ago. The reason why I think it's been that long ago, is until 2015, I had stopped attending OUSA conventions around 2007 (aside from maybe a PCOC here or there).

Anyone can back me up on this or know anything more?

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