Monday, August 08, 2016

Marti's 1st Sunday and Yami Update

Small turn out at Marti's yesterday.  I could count the number of folders on one hand. 

Marti, herself, was out of town, visiting Japan. 

I perused (as I usually do) some of the books I don't have, in Marti's vast origami book collection:

Folded various dividers (OUSA Convention book 2012) for the traditional masu box after folding Kasahara's "happy box" from a recent issue of NOA, brought by Hisako (I finally figured out how to renew my own subscription through the internet.  For years, I used to receive my issues through Kinokuniya- no longer).

After the meeting, I swung by Marukai to pick up bacon fried rice and fruit for Yami.  Saw this at the checkout:

Notice the sign at the top and then the "WARNING" sign on the right?  Mixed messages, anyone?! 

Yami doesn't answer his phone so there's no planning ahead and warning him beforehand. 

He was very receptive and responsive yesterday.  He's not always like that these days and I'm not sure if it's due to any personality changes related to his stroke(s), his current situation, medication, sugar, or just plain mood. 

Pam Miike did a beautiful job with organizing Yami's cards and origami gifts he received through the mail by OUSA & worldwide origami friends and well-wishers.  She put them all into books. 

I arrived in the middle of his dinner (which I thought looked yum!); and he eagerly devoured the bacon fried rice.  Left him a small bowl of grapes as he said he couldn't finish all the ones I brought. 

I will eventually post photos and/or video from Yami's birthday party at the end of last month.

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So good to have news. Thanks a lot. K