Sunday, April 09, 2017

Kickstarter Project: Origami Army - Fold Paper Cranes in Half the Time!

I've run this blog for well over a decade now.  It's mostly been on life support and auto-pilot, as I don't check in here everyday or post a lot.  The Sunday Funnies are all pre-posted and scheduled to publish for every sunday up through next February, at the moment.

I apologize for any missed comments; or ones needing publishing as I do have moderation on for older posts (I turned this on after starting to receive some spambots).

I just noticed a comment from last February left in the Welcome post by Wakawakashii
I folded 1,000 paper cranes last year. I was struggling so much with the sheer quantity until I started embossing my paper with the required folding times. After embossing, I could fold the cranes in half the time without looking at my hands! I want to share this idea with any other origami enthusiasts or beginners who want an easier way to get into paper folding, so I need to spread the word!
Apparently the project did not meet its goal and ended in March.

It's a shame as this could probably help those seeking to fold a thousand cranes for weddings.

Jill, if you decide to try again, I will do my best to help you promote your efforts.

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