Saturday, April 15, 2017

Origami Vending Machine in Uchiko, Japan

Origami.Me has posted about an origami vending machine in the village of Uchiko, Japan.

Rocket News:
The unusual machine with the sweet folded paper designs is warming people’s hearts around Japan. 
 From persimmons to eggs and even noodles, we’ve seen vending machines dispense some surprising things in Japan. Now we’ve found a machine so unique it’s been featured on television and newspaper reports around the country, with even Japanese people raising their eyebrows in delight at its unusual contents.  
 Located in the rural town of Uchiko in Ehime Prefecture, this vending machine contains a range of beautifully folded origami designs. The traditional Japanese art of paper folding isn’t something you’d immediately think to connect to a vending machine, but this one proves that when the two worlds collide, the results can be simply beautiful.

Check out some comments on their FB page.

The items are said to be exquisitely folded (unlike the cheap versions of the origami magic cranes I purchased on eBay).  Done and maintained by a 61 year old resident of the village.

Looks like this young entrepreneur was onto something:

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