Saturday, September 29, 2018

The other Hojyo Violinist

Here’s another violinist also by Takashi HOJYO. It’s a two piece model (from 6” squares of tissue foil) plus the bow (don’t remember the dimensions of the paper). No glue (although I wouldn’t be opposed to it for this model), so the head and violin (black and flesh-colored duo tissue foil paper) sit precariously atop the body (purple and flesh-colored tissue foil); and the raw edge of the hand is slipped under a layer of the bow to hold it in place. 

I actually folded this one somewhen around 2003-2005 (if you zoom in close, you can see the dust that I couldn't brush off the model for this photo). I believe diagrams are in an Oru book that I borrowed from Helen Sperber.

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