Saturday, September 29, 2018

Violinist & Violin

These have long been on my bucket list of models to fold; and this past week, I finally got around to doing it.

Designed by Takashi HOJYO
Folded by Michael Sanders
27.5” x 27.5” (70cm x 70cm) single square of elephant hide (wyndstone paper)

No glue, even though the diagrams suggest applying a little to close the skirt. I did use methyl cellulose to help with the shaping. Not digging the neck (too long), but I think I’m done with this model for now. I worked on it for 3 days (Tues-Thurs) and almost turned this into an origami boulder about 53 steps in (I suddenly realized my precreases were off by 1/40th of a column).
This is the first complex model I’ve done in a very long time. Just don’t have a lot of patience for hours of tedious precreasing.

Last night, I started folding Hagiwara's violin and completed it today:

Created by Gen Hagiwara
Folded by Michael Sanders
18.25” x 4.5” rectangle 
Tissue foil

I misplaced my Tanteidan magazine (I probably set it aside years ago because I wanted to fold it- and have forgotten where I placed it for safe keeping); so I worked off of a video (ugh!).  The body looks too long; so I may have to do another one (may have to do more, anyway, as I know violinists who would probably appreciate having one).

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