Friday, May 03, 2013

Business Card Printer Magic Trick Contest Promotion

A friend of mine is in a heated contest (he's like 300 Facebook like votes behind- but don't let that discourage you from voting- get motivated!).

If you have a Facebook account, please consider voting "like" for his video.

The trick he does is one that I kept hoping someone would be around to capture on film when I used to do it for people at festivals when they'd ask me for an origami business card.  On occasion, I'd pull out a stack of cards that "were blank" explaining that I forgot to run the cards through my printer when I left the house that morning; and I'd run one through my handy hand printer and *voila*- instant printed business card!

Fun trick.

Contest ends May 6th.  Help promote and spread the word if you can.  Every vote counts!

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