Friday, May 03, 2013

NOA #453

I've been a subscriber to NOA (Nippon Origami Association) magazine for years, now. My subscription is through Kinokuniya Bookstores and I have to drive down to Little Tokyo to pick up my monthly issues.

I used to send a list of the models to Dennis Walker for the Origami Database. 

What I want to try and do is publish the cover of the latest magazine, along with its table of content.  Maybe it will encourage some of you to subscribe.

We'll see how long I can maintain this effort.

Diagram content:
Carp streamer by Mr. Kunihiko KASAHARA
A child in a Japanese helmet by Ms. Matsuyo KIMURA
Japanese helmet by Mr. Yukihiko MATSUNO
Japanese helmets with various ornaments by Mr. Yukihiko MATSUNO
Mt. Fuji and a crane by Ms. Ayako KAWATE
Japanese helmet and holder by Mr. Ryo AOKI
Box with a fan by Ms. Ayako KAWATE
Baby by Mr. Eiji TSUCHIDO
Bad boy money holder by Ms. Kazuyo MIZUKAMI
Bamboo shoots-shaped toothpick holder by Ms. Yuko FUJIMOTO
Bag by Ms. Masako FUTAWATARI
Onesie by Ms. Shoko AOYAGI
Pegasus by Mr. Katsuhisa YAMADA

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