Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Bit of Folding in Las Vegas

 Look at all the people who turned up at the Desert Breeze Park for origami:

Ok, no not really.

My crowd was more like this:

This was a "last minute" gig for the Cosmopolitan at the Bite of Las Vegas concert event yesterday (thanks Joel Stern!).  Among the bands that performed were Parachute, Walk off the Earth, Plain White T’s, Matt Nathanson, Better Than Ezra, One Republic, Goo Goo Dolls.

My task was simple:  Don't sing.  Fold.

 Visitors at the Cosmopolitan booth were encouraged to write a wish on origami paper.

 I would then fold it into a tsuru that would be on display as part of the LUCKYRICE Night Market event for next weekend.  In some cases, people wanted to fold it themselves.

In a role reversal, Lindsay told me to write down a wish so that she could fold it up into a crane

 The EMS in the booth next to us caught the folding bug and smartphone Googled the wrong diagrams for folding the traditional tsuru (it was a pattern for some other bird):

Just as I was about to teach a pretty large size group to fold the crane, EMS sent two drunk guys my way to participate (they noticed the EMS folding and wanted to do origami, also).

At first it was slightly annoying to have these two loudmouths breathing all over me (I eventually moved to the other side of the table) and being a bit disruptive; but they ended up being pretty entertaining (warning:  Some language):

 I started filming them after most of their funniest moments.  Sorry about the quality, but I had to juggle the camera while still using my hands to fold and teach the tsuru to completion.

Fun experience.  So much so, that I didn't take a break at all for the entire 8 hours I was there.

More pictures here.

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