Thursday, September 05, 2013

August NOA #456

Sorry I got lazy and am just now posting the list of model content for last month'

Otohime (Princess in the undersea palace) by Mr. Kunihiko KASAHARA
Urashimtaro and the Sea turtle by Ms. Shoko AOYAGI
Flatfish by Mr. Ryo AOKI
 Squid and Devilray by Mr. Yukihiko MATSUNO
Sea Bream by Mr. Yukihiko MATSUNO
Seashell by Mr. Yoshio TSUDA arranged by Ms. Mariko MIYAMOTO
Scallop shell by Ms. Ayako KAWATE
Swordfish by Mr. Ryo AOKI
Eggplant-shaped toothpick holder by Ms. Yuko FUJIMOTO
Grasshopper by Mr. Koji TERAI
Sunflower case by Ms. Ayako KAWATE
Bag with ribbons by Ms. Masako FUTAWATARI
Candy pot (Traditional model)

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