Monday, September 02, 2013

More puzzles and paperfolding fun at Marti's!

Alex helped Hisako on these- she LOVES turtles!

Marti was out of country in Japan for a puzzle convention last month (International Puzzle Party?); so Alex Lam- Mr. Origami- did not get the grand tour of Marti's house at the August meeting (his first visit).  This time, he did.

Marti had to ship her puzzles, which will be a while yet to arrive; and given that next month is PCOC, it probably won't be until November when we will be able to play with her new puzzles.

Alex, Hisako, Pam, and I frustrated ourselves over "after hours" puzzle-solving, staying another 2 hours past the end of the origami meeting.

Alex was pretty good at solving some of these things:

Alex holding two leftover pieces to a chocolate popsicle puzzle; eventually he figured out using all the pieces

Hanayama cast baroq puzzle:

You can find solutions online to some of these puzzles; but it's like reading a movie spoiler or learning the trade secrets of magic- kind of ruins the mystery and fun.

Some tops:

Photos updated here.

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