Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Polypopagon at POP

At Sunday's POP meeting, I had planned to share the Leaping Willy model that Mark Kennedy had shown me at PCOC.  Joel Stern recognized it as a model he learned years ago as "polypopagon".  Rather than pressing the "ears" down, the way Joel learned it was to fold the model in half and then watch it "self-pop":

Both ways of doing it are fun.

My desktop finally kicked the bucket last week; so I can't edit vids or do a heck of a lot on the computer I'm on.  Here are some other clips I took that might be fun or repetitive to watch:

We had a live band playing in the background for someone's party/event (community rec center) going on next door.

Zac taught Jeremy Shafer's vampire teeth (which was followed up by Alison teaching his skeleton hand):

Talo Kawasaki's Patty Bat


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