Monday, June 09, 2014

Folded: the Origami Art of Robert J. Lang

 From the NYTimes:

The discipline of origami may seem quaint, but modern folders are pushing the edge — none more than Robert Lang, a former physicist with hundreds of paper designs to his name. His exhibition in Pasadena goes way beyond cranes: There are a moose, a chameleon and a scorpion, a tiny hummingbird sipping on a paper honeysuckle, even a praying mantis biting off the head of her mate, folded from a single square. Dr. Lang has scaled up, with 60 life-size koi fish, and down, collaborating with scientists to build an origami bird, from a tiny purple sheet of self-folding polymer, that requires a microscope to view.

At the Williamson Gallery in Pasadena CA:

Exhibition:  June 17- Aug 20th

Opening reception:  Thursday June 19th, 7pm-9pm.

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